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      " Math gives us the hope that every problem has a solution."

The school has launched the Mathematical Laboratory as per the guidelines given by CBSE. We have now upgraded the lab into one of the finest digital Mathematics labs of today. The content software license is procured from NIIT NGURU. The main objective of the laboratory is to promote critical thinking. It calls for taking the concepts of Mathematics beyond the limitations of the textbooks. Our Digital Maths lab provides an opportunity for our students to understand, verify and discover the basic mathematical concepts using concrete objects. The students are made to do simple experiments and projects that would lead to the development of various skills like :

1. Numerical skills

2. Observation skills

3. Logical thinking skills

4. Problem solving skills

5. Skills of comparison

6. Skills of interpretation

7. Life skills

8. Skills of games etc...

Our Maths Lab has a unique 3i approach (Ideas, Integration & Implementation) making the subject more interesting and visually engaging. It promotes out of the box thinking, opportunity to explore questions, peer – to – peer learning and knowledge sharing. The Geometer’s sketchpad is a dynamic demonstration tool that adds dimensions to the study of mathematics. . Students use this software programme to build and investigate mathematical objects, figures, diagrams and graphs.