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Little Angels is committed to believe that every child in the school is important for the family, the state and the nation and has an inborn intelligence to grow to become a productive human resource for the development of the country. The school is an institution which should take care of growth of all the faculties of children through basic education till 10th class and endeavor to make every child a complete child by making him believe that he has to grow to become an autonomous, self-disciplined and responsible, participatory and more importantly a happy person as we believe in the slogan "A HAPPY CHILD IS A NATION’S PRIDE"


We provide equal and most essential opportunities, through conducive environment for the students to grow and develop completely. We provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere through a well-defined and collaborative work of the teachers and students. We are committed to demolish rote learning and promote creative learning. We propagate the theme that 'TODAY' is more important than yesterday and tomorrow and we shall work for today. Holistic education is practiced as a phenomenon. We always strive to achieve excellence in teaching-learning activities. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is an integral part of assessment. We make children physically, mentally, emotionally and culturally strong and fit.